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·The news of Zhejiang Jieshitai 2099-02-28
·捷仕泰黨支部祝建黨100周年“重溫紅色歷史,傳承奮鬥精神”主題活動 2021-07-29
·熱烈祝賀我司林錫旭總經理榮獲“2020年溫州市疫情防控、復工復產事跡突出黨員幹部”、“2020年樂清市疫情防控事跡突出黨員幹部”稱號 2020-03-27
·樂清市總工會戴成福副主席蒞臨我司慰問考察指導工作 2020-03-13
·樂清市統戰部鮑式謙常務副部長蒞臨我司檢查指導疫情防控和企業復工復產工作 2020-03-11
·Warmly congratulate General Manager Lin Xixu of our company on winning the title of "Yueqing City Labor Model" 2019-05-09
·Congratulations on our winning the 6th LED Initial Award "Excellence Award" 2019-04-25
·Although the snow and rain in December are cold, the sympathy is warm. 2019-02-26
·New journey, new leap, 2018 employee thanks dinner concluded satisfactorily 2019-01-17
·Warmly celebrate our company's successful approval of "Yueqing Key Cultural Enterprises" 2019-01-10
·Fan Xiaodong, Standing Committee of Yueqing Municipal Committee and Minister of Propaganda, visited our company to do research work. 2019-01-05
·Warmly celebrate our company's successful approval of "Yueqing Patent Demonstration Enterprise" and "Yueqing Science and Technology Enterprise Research and Development Center" 2018-12-22
·High temperature consolation to the enterprise, hot summer to send cool 2018-08-08
·"Blue fire program" is newly launched to enhance enterprise innovation 2018-08-04
·From excellence to excellence 2018-07-12
·Our company has successfully passed the "National High-tech Enterprise" and "Zhejiang Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" recognition. 2018-01-10
·The "fishing" activities of the employees 2017-10-24
·Agile enterprises organize employees to listen to the grand occasion of the nineteenth conferences 2017-10-24
·Two day tour of Ningbo 2017-07-19
·Outdoor excursions 2010-04-24
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